The Urology department at SAC provides facilities for a wide range of basic and specialized urological investigations and treatments with world-class expertise in all aspects of urological care

  • Our Services

  • Diagnosis and treatment of stones – prevention of recurrent stone formation
  • Prostatic Pathology – Benign and malignant
  • Management of adult and pediatric urinary and genital malformation Hypospadias, Chordee, Reflux
  • Urinary incontinence, primary (Enuresis), stress incontinence (SIU)
  • The Early Diagnosis and Treatment of Urinary and Genital Tumors
  • Erectile dysfunction, Ejaculatory Disorders, Diagnosis and Management
  • Endoscopic surgery of prostate (TURP), urethral stone by laser, bladder tumor (TURBT).

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